From Energy Supply To Energy Management

OYAK Enerji; who is a 100% OYAK Group Company; is performing its operations in line with the approach of “Energy Management” and providing electricity / capacity supply and other related market services to its customers.

Our Target: Maximum Customer Satisfaction

OYAK Enerji is performing its services in line with “Energy Management” approach and providing:

  • Electricity and capacity supply

  • Day-ahead, intra-day and balancing market operations,

  • Market access and performing of operational activities and transactions in the related markets,

  • Efficient management of imbalances,

  • Energy market consulting

services to its customers.

Our Focus: Sustainability

OYAK Group’s Sustainability Strategy; which is based on the principle “more value with less resources”; together with an approach that contributes to the sustainability of the conditions regarding the existence of mankind in tune with nature by behaving responsibly to today’s and future’s needs is constituting the principles of our company’s activities in this field.

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